Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Working Mom Reviews Mr. Lid - Can it Solve Your Refrigerator Storage Woes? **** 1/2 Stars 4 1/2 Stars

I bought Mr. Lid from my local CVS a while ago for $19.95 and been meaning to tell you all how it worked out. (Did I mention I'm addicted to "As Seen on TV" products?).

Is Mr. Lid the greatest thing since sliced bread? It's pretty darn can store your sliced bread in it if you want..or, more likely, that bread from last night's restaurant meal. Here's what their wed site at looks like:

It comes with, as it says, 20 containers...that's a good amount!

They're various sizes, and they're not too tall, so you can stack them with each other when you're not using them, and they fit in the fridge well.

One of the main uses for my smaller Mr. Lid container is for the wet cat food tin I use to give my cat every morning. It usually lasts three days, so I pop the tin into one of Mr. Lid's smallest containers, and voila! it's good to go for the rest of the days I'll be scooping it out to Pop, our kitty.

Here's a pic of just a few of my Mr. Lid containers:

I'd say for $19.95, with their buy one set get one free deal..that's a pretty darn good deal!

The only caveat I have is if you push too hard down on some of the containers to close the lid, it can get kind of "stuck" and difficult to open. So just give it a light punch with the butt of your fist, and it will stay closed enough without being hermetically sealed. ;)

All in all I give Mr. Lid 41/2 stars out of 5..."that's high praise" in the Julia ranking system, as Nicolas Cage would say. (Or rather, as the Saturday Night Live guy Adam Sandberg playing Nicolas Cage would say).