Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hydroxatone Face Cream Consumer Review

OK, I'll admit I was sucked in by the mesmerizing animated ad...I think it was on AOL. It showed a woman with a wrinkled face, morphing through several less-wrinkled versions of her face, until she looked about 20 years younger.

I thought about taking the bait until one day, a radio ad clinched the deal. (Hey, I'm human!). It featured a woman talking about how much younger her husband said she looked. I figured, how much could it hurt to try the thing?

So I went ahead and ordered it one day, when, as usual, I had about five minutes to spare before heading out the door. The problem was, the lady on the other end of the phone seemed determined to not let me off in five minutes.  She wanted to engage me in conversation, ask about wrinkles, etc. etc., and then explain the many benefits of the Hydroxatone product, how it "goes on like silk," etc., etc. (And more etecteras).

I finally cut to the chase and said "I just want to order the product, please; I have to go somewhere," but after saying she would have me off very soon she proceeded to try to upsell me on some other subscription-based products.

You know, the kind that keep coming unless you specifically ask to cancel them..and usually you don't get around to that until after you've spent more than you wanted.

Well, I finally ordered the thing, after politely but exasperatedly declining the other stuff. 

So how did it work?

Well, I must say it comes in nice packaging...a lovely round green glass jar. And it is a smooth cream that goes on "like silk" and blends nicely, similar to Oil of Olay, of which I am a fan.

But I can't say that, for me, my face underwent that dramatic transformation that those animated ads depicted. It may have smoothed things out a little. 

I'm going to continue to use it until my supply is used up, but at this point, unless I see a big change in the third month, I don't plan to order a new stash.

If you do buy it, I do recommend you take a "before" and "after" picture so you can compare them if you want.

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