Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Nailtiques Formula 2 - A Real Nail Saver

I've tried just about everything to get my nails to grow long. They are so thin that they crack and chip easily; "paper thin" as a friend of mine describes her own nails. And I don't like the feel or expense of acrylic or gel nails.

Finally I've found a solution that works well; better than anything else I've tried. It's Nailtiques Formula 2, "Nail Protein." A manicurist is the one who actually recommended it to me. Her instructions worked well, too. Apply a coat every single day; you can even apply it over old, color nail polish. Then after about a week to two weeks, when it's started chipping off and looking chunky itsel, take it all off with nail polisg remover and then start from scratch with a base coat and your favorite nail color.

Or, just leave your nails natural color with the Nailtiques acting as a clear nail polish.

I buy mine at CVS, but it's probably available in multiple drug stores or department stores.

Happy nail-ing, all! :)